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No Eject and enter game automatically
No restart and enter game automatically
Works on slim console include 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx .
Easy upgrade and easy use .
Homebrew supported
High quality and one year warranty



我们注意到E3专用引导碟不能在4.7固件上正常工作,请E3 ODE PRO用户暂时不要升级4.7固件,E3TEAM正在积极寻求解决方法。

We note that the E3 swap disc does not work on firmware 4.7, please don't upgrade firmware 4.7 temporarily, E3TEAM is actively seeking solutions.



2015新春大吉,喜气洋洋 !在这里,E3团队真心感谢每位E3用户的理解与鼓励。在新的一年里,E3团队将竭尽所能,打造用户心中满意的功能及产品,用持续不断的服务来回报每位E3用户的支持。

2015 A good start in the New Year ! Here, the E3 team sincerely thank each E3 user understanding and encouragement. In the new year, the E3 team will try our best to build the satisfactory function and product, with the continuing service to return each E3 user support.




最近有许多用户咨询新一代E3 ODE,我们非常感谢你们对E3TEAM的关心与信任。
新一代E3 ODE延迟发售,是因为E3TEAM在用户最期望的功能上,比如无需用户切换双引导碟和刻录引导碟,取得了新的进展。


请用户记住,从E3 CARD READER到E3 FLASHER,再到E3 ODE PRO,E3TEAM只会做精品。产品可以延迟发售,但绝不滥竽充数 !

PS: E3TEAM从未停止其他破解方式的研究。同时可以提前透露,一款全新的FLASHER正在开发中 !

Recently received many user consultation the new generation of E3 ODE, we thank you for your concern and trust E3TEAM.

The new generation of E3 ODE delayed the sale, because the E3TEAM in the desired user function, For example, the user need not switch of double boot disc and recording boot disc, made new progress !

The new research results need new hardware, so we decided to overturn the previous product planning, invest more manpower and material resources, strive to make the user satisfied product.

Ask users to remember, from the E3 CARD READER to E3 FLASHER, to E3 ODE PRO, E3TEAM will only do fine.The product can delay the launch,but never be there just to make up the number .

PS: E3TEAM never stop studying other crack mode. At the same time can reveal in advance, a new FLASHER under development!

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